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Meet The Artisans


Sincreto is a concrete studio started by Aislinn Ross, a visual artist from Bogotá, Colombia over the course of 2020. In response to the overwhelming time spent at home and in confinement, Aislinn developed a series of kitchenware items, vases and decorative objects using concrete.

By bringing a material normally associated with industry and functionality into the core of the house, the artist pushes us to rethink the very idea of home.

Each piece tells its own story, having a meaning beyond the mere functional. Nature becomes the source of that tranquility and freedom we longed for during our confinement, and our body a space of acceptance and protection.

These two ideas become protagonists in Ross’ work, which uses a material that seems completely industrial, but that can be as delicate as nature itself, concrete. Aislinn’s work also incorporates recycled materials and gives them a second life in completely new and unique compositions.