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Sophia Mikou
Meet The Artisans

Sophia Mikou

After a blossoming career in the fashion industry, Sophia Mikou established her own brand in 2010 to bring Morocco into the everyday lives of her customers. Inspired by the light, smells, and beauty of the streets and houses of Morocco, Sophia wants you to fall in love with the country’s heritage through all of her pieces.

Enamored with the traditional Moroccan know-how, Sophia incorporates artisanal techniques of embroidery design into all of her creations. The fruit of a bountiful marriage between timeless oriental lines and ancestral handcrafted finishings, each creation is a unique fusion of modern and traditional Morocco.

Using only luxury and high-quality materials and fabrics, Sophia’s designs are made out of silk, satin, brocade, and mousseline. Always rich in details, each garment is painstakingly hand-stitched and embellished with pearls, glitter, and sequins. Daring and sophisticated in their color combinations, Sophia’s capes, kaftans, blouses, and kitchenware are both bright and sober, flashy and chic, a juxtaposition that showcases her bold yet classical style.

Dreaming of growing her collection, supporting local Moroccan craftswomen, and transferring her know-how to other inspiring women designers through a masterclass, Sophia Mikou is an up-and-coming designer to keep an eye on.