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Soufiane Zaytoune
Meet The Artisans

Soufiane Zaytoune

Marrakech born and raised Soufiane Zaytoune started working with his hands at the very young age of 14 when helping out in his father’s garage. A degree in Business and a job as manager of two different riads later led him to a chance and successful career as an artisan.

After designing and creating his own custom-made leather travel bag, Soufiane was surprised by the great interest shown in his work. Inspired to continue his creative process as an artisan, he started producing home decor leather goods with the aim of showcasing the great traditions of Moroccan craftsmanship with an added modern spin.

Another chance career development sprouted from a client’s request to produce items with marble and brass. Soufiane, one to never shy away from a challenge, took it upon himself to study these new high-end materials in a way that all their characteristics were appreciated and respected, transforming them into real pieces of art.

Soufiane Zaytoune’s future goal is to become a pioneer within this industry and produce for clients worldwide, seeing his products in interiors and stores around the globe. An up-and-coming Moroccan designer, Soufiane Zaytoune is definitely a name to look out for.