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Soy Laila
Meet The Artisans

Soy Laila

Architectural Designer Laila Benseddik worked several years in the design industry before deciding to pursue her dream of becoming a painter. With her project Soy Laila, today she is a well-established self-taught artist in Morocco, primarily working on paper, canvas, and walls, as well as experimenting with the digital format.

Laila has now become Soy Laila, an artist particularly interested in facial expressions and body movements. Her work evolved from a continuous line forming masks to now exploring deconstructed bodies. Her style varies from minimalist lines to maximalist forms with bold colors and shapes that reflect the power of body gestures.

In most of her work, her lines start and end with arrows, adding a touch of dynamism and movement to the painting. Neither abstract nor realistic, it is a colorful and intriguing world where the artist's imagination encourages the public to interpret their own emotions. Faces, hands, bodies, everything is twisted, sometimes like a spontaneous labyrinth.  

Laila works mostly in small series according to her mood and the desire of the moment, never wanting to reproduce two faces that are alike.