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Stuff by Karim
Meet The Artisans

Stuff by Karim

Karim Rouifi is a Moroccan visual artist hailing from one of the smallest towns in the north, called Ksar El Kebir. A professional graphic designer and web developer, Karim has been exposed to arts and design since a very young age, thanks to his numerous relatives who were either artists or worked in the arts themselves.

Karim’s young mind was fertile ground for a wide variety of references and sources that, through the years, have helped him shape his aesthetics, sensitivity, and personal style. After starting out with acrylic on canvas, Karim incorporated his graphic design knowledge and transitioned into a more minimal style, bringing line drawing and sketching to the fore of his practice.

His line drawing prints are a real exploration of the human soul and each of them tells a story that the viewer can freely reinterpret and make his own. With his brand Stuff by Karim, previously only available in Morocco, Karim develops a wide variety of prints, art pieces, articles of stationery, and more featuring his inspiring designs.