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Tadd'Art Collection
Meet The Artisans

Tadd'Art Collection

Tadd’Art Collection was founded by Maria Tijani, interior designer and architect inspired by her Amazigh origins and the meticulous work of Moroccan artisans and craftsmen, their talents, and precious know-how.

Tadd'Art, which means house in Amazigh, is a large table of inspiration around which ancestral knowledge and the energy of the youngest get to interact. Moroccan craftsmen have been able to preserve traditions for millennia, contributing to perpetuating this art and passing it on to future generations.

The authenticity and modernity of Morocco, Maria's country of origin, was a great source of inspiration to create Tadd'Art Collection, particularly the large ocher walls that adorn the majority of cities and that hide behind architecture. Tadd’art Collection cultivates a passion for ancestral and new things that pushes them to be authentic and innovative at the same time, through the techniques, materials, and colors used in the creation process.

All Tadd'Art Collection creations are made with 100% natural materials such as clay, wood, straw, wicker, bamboo, and raffia. Favoring artisanal production which preserves the natural character of each object and contributes in this way to local economic life as well as being an environmental choice. For Tadd’Art, Morocco is the best place to “build well”.