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Taller de la Rosa
Meet The Artisans

Taller de la Rosa

Coming from a background in Plastic Arts, Jessica de la Rosa launched Taller de La Rosa in 2018, to create awareness about the clothing & objects we surround ourselves with. An ethically-conscious textile business, Taller De La Rosa is holistically-sustainable, considering design, production, and the community when creating garments and linens for the home.

Based in Mexico City, the team works in collaboration with artisans in the Zapotec community to create beautiful pieces filled with energy and love for the Earth.

Named after founder Jessica De la Rosa’s surname and the energy of love symbolized by ‘la rosa’, the rose, Taller de la Rosa is made up of a team of mostly women, who together create beautiful lifestyle pieces, such as cool linen duvets in a variety of serene and calming colors.

Taller De La Rosa’s philosophy includes design choices that use natural, sustainable, recycled, and ethically sourced materials both for the manufacturing and packaging of their pieces, as well as implementing brand-wide environmental choices in its commitment to creating a better planet.