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Free U.S. Shipping & Returns for Orders Over $150
Tamga Jewels
Meet The Artisans

Tamga Jewels

"Tamga Jewels is above all the story of a beautiful friendship between Fatima Zahra and Nasrine, two Moroccan women who bonded over their shared love for travel, adventure and jewelry.
From a long friendship to an entrepreneurial adventure, Tamga Jewels has developed as a high-end silver jewelry brand, producing Amazigh-inspired jewels using the finest silver worked by the most able craftsmen in Tiznit, the Moroccan capital of silver in the south of the country.
Back in 2010 when they started working on their brand, Fatima and Nasrine took a trip to the Grand Atlas to escape the hustle abd bustle of city life, and chanced upon the breathtaking beauty of Tamga National Park. The crystal-clear waters of the Ahansal river, the grandeur of the gorges and the splendor of the park’s gigantic rock formations struck a deep chord, so much so that the two named their brand after the park.
Tamga Jewels designs are inspired by the ancient Amazigh heritage, as well as by the geometric shapes found in so much of Morocco’s architecture. The result is jewelry that combines a minimal yet timeless look with centuries of symbolism, and is sure to inspire your own voyage of discovery in the beauty and uniqueness of Moroccan culture."