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Meet The Artisans



Teiruma’s concept was born from founder Jessica Strellec’s passion for different cultures, colors, customs and art. Conceived from a will to mix art, color and social work, Jessica decided to work directly with Colombian artisans starting with the Wayuu community in La Guajira.

Her passionate work has expanded to other communities that work with her to co-create products using the Mochilas method, combining different materials like crochet, wool yarn, brass and iraca palm with leather, to create exquisite bags and kitchenware.

Before graduating as a psychologist, Jessica dedicated herself to travel the world to better understand artisanal traditions of different countries. Several years into her career as a psychologist she felt something was missing from her life and took the plunge to work with artisans in Colombia. 

From the Wayuu community in La Guajira, Teiruma has expanded into working with other communities such as San Jacinto (Bolivar), Usiacuri (Atlantico) and Arhuacos (Sierra Nevada in Santa Marta), all quintessential artisanal communities whose ancestral techniques are passed down from generation to generation. From backpacks to baskets, kitchen utensils and household accessories, Teiruma is always fresh, experimental and uses the highest quality materials.