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Tejido Primal
Meet The Artisans

Tejido Primal

Inspired by their paternal grandparents who were weavers for over forty years, siblings Camilo and Carolina Giraldo founded Primal in 2015 in Bogotá, Colombia with the purpose of honoring the noble craft of weaving as an ancestral, creative, and abundant art form. To this day, their father is one of their main collaborators alongside Jose, a young weaver who operates the oldest artisan looms.

All of Primal’s products are weaved on traditional looms with sustainable Colombian materials by expert artisan hands, to counter the effects of fast fashion merchandise that has disconnected us from our roots and ancestral culture, while promoting social and environmental awareness.

Everything about Primal - frames, textures, colors - symbolizes ancestral life and a different way of being, passed down through generations of wool spinners and dyers from the town of Sutatausa, who are artisans as well as mothers and grandmothers, full of tenderness and wisdom.

The loom is the driving force for each piece and each time a new story is woven using thread, color and design. Dedication, patience, mindfulness, and creativity are paramount in making Primal’s pieces materialize before they are finished with a host of other techniques such as sewing, macramé, carding, and others.