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Meet The Artisans


Lovers of Mayan traditions, art and culture, and big dreamers at heart, Alejandra Camargo & Alex Cazola decided to turn their design experience into a brand that would celebrate the longstanding tradition of hammock weaving in the Yucatán peninsula, Mexico.

They enlisted the help of Yucatecan master artisans who have been perfecting their weaving and knotting traditions over centuries, turning the most common piece of furniture you will see around pueblos in Yucatán, the hammock, into a veritable art form.

Far from being a simple place to sleep, the hammock is a true staple of Yucatecan culture, and Alejandra & Alex managed to capitalize on this during 2020, developing unique designs that expanded on the traditional concept of the hammock, to incorporate elements such as free-floating fringes and macramé knots.

They called their brand Thymesia, from the scientific term hyperthymesia, a condition that leads people to remember things, places, and experiences in great and vivid details.

Designed and crafted with love, passion, and a healthy dose of entrepreneurial courage, Thymesia’s hammocks will brighten up your living room, bedroom, patios, and gardens, as well as gifting you with moments of pure bliss that you will always treasure and remember.