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Meet The Artisans


The industrial designer duo Ingrid Durán and Manuel Lazareno turned their dreams into reality when creating TUIO in 2014, as a result of an extensive development process. Starting with fairs and market events, TUIO steadily and progressively reached its full potential, becoming a beacon for curious and original designs.
A play on words, TUIO is the expression of a couple’s dance: YOU + ME. A dichotomy, that is at the foundation of TUIO’s aim to create surprising objects that add a happy feeling to every space they are placed in.

Ingrid and Manuel are artists in constant experimentation of new ways to make the client smile through their creations. With an expertise of more than 7 years, TUIO is able to reutilize and remodel ceramics into infinite shapes that can attract, infuse joy and initiate curiosity.

Each unique decorative piece within TUIO’s collection is the fruit of a creative conceptual development and design of the product, crafted by the hands of expert Mexican artisans, these playful ceramic pieces will add a quirkiness to your home decor