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Tural Textil
Meet The Artisans

Tural Textil

Mother and daughter Patricia & Alejandra are the creative duo of textile designers behind Tural Textil, a brand of textile home decor that works with master Mexican artisans to produce beautifully woven and embroidered cushions.

Strong believers of the spectacular talent for textile art Mexico has to offer and passionate about handmade textiles, Alejandra & Patricia are on a mission to connect the traditions and history of their artisans with on-trend designs, while keeping the essence of the ancestral icons from the artisans’ regions. Tural Textil was started with the aim to create special and beautiful pieces for Mexican and international buyers alike, exporting the tradition of Mexican craftsmanship around the world.

All pieces are produced using the waist loom, a centuries-old technique used by many cultures to fabricate their daily garments. In the waist loom, the fabric itself is created from zero starting from single threads that are often hand-dyed and hand-spun before being woven. Master artisans in Chiapas and Oaxaca infuse each product with their cultural richness, history, and traditions, instilling love and passion in every piece they weave, brocade, and embroider.