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Meet The Artisans


Born Colombian, but strongly influenced by her Italian and Mexican ancestors, Giuliana Anzellini spent most of her early adult years in the world of literature, but always with an eye for handicrafts. Tuttotumo is the consequence of long years of study, experimentation and hands-on work with several materials including paper, wood, textiles and metal.

Nearly 15 years ago,  after living in Italy and learning to carve pumpkins, Giuliana´s passion to create unique objects for the house was realized when she started experimenting with gourds, fruits and fibers that were available in several regions of Colombia. She set up a small workshop and started producing ornamental and functional pieces for interior decoration, such as sugar bowls, salt shakers, salsa bowls, egg hens and candle holders.

Decades on, Giuliana’s shop is a phenomenon of Bogotá where each piece is truly unique and made from a different fruit due to its natural origin. Each gourd, pumpkin or fruit undergoes a decoupage technique, being treated through a professional processor for them not to rot, therefore making every item organic and distinct.