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Ubuntu Market
Meet The Artisans

Ubuntu Market

Ubuntu Market is a brand created by the wonderful, creative and vivacious duo Kytzia Bourlon and Yoyo Cortés. The brand is focused on creating access to master artisans in the rural areas of Mexico so that they can share their exquisite handcrafted goods with the rest of the world. The word Ubuntu comes from an ancient African philosophy, representing the idea of “I am what I am, because of who we all are.” According to this philosophy we are all responsible for one another and for our planet, “Ubuntu is a universal love that connects all humanity” and thus advocates compassion, kindness, and human connection.

Ubuntu applies this philosophy to everything they do and to every person they work with. They provide a stable and steady income for their artisans, which has impacted positively on their communities at large. Each piece is created with mindful intention and a great deal of love and passion.Ubuntu is also helping with the preservation of century-old artisanal techniques, passed down through generations, and with bringing communities closer together.

Kytzia and Yoyo, together with their dedicated artisans share their incredible energy and positivity through their beautiful and colorful crafts. To name just a few of their wonderful artisans: Samuel and Lucia from Chiapas who make lovely Pompom strings ("magic pompoms" as they call them), Nelly and her family, the masters of Barro Negro (black ceramics), Dona Margarita and Gloria, mother and daughter from Oaxaca who craft handwoven baskets and mats from palm leaves, Francisco and Arely a couple that creates beautiful ceramic pieces, the Alejos Family, master ceramicists from Michoacan, and finally the master hatter, Don Beto from Oaxaca.