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Meet The Artisans


Inspired by the house she grew up in, Maria Elvira Ortega started creating linen napkins with fun embroideries for her family dinners. After much experimenting and in collaboration with master Colombian artisans from around the country, in 2020 she launched her first collection of tableware decor.

Maria saw a great opportunity in Colombian handicrafts and today her brand Ura has become a home and tableware brand that celebrates a good meal and a cozy home, creating conscious and timeless products using Colombian artisanal techniques that elevate traditions to a global contemporary aesthetics.

Ura is a word of many meanings. All combined, they represent what Ura stands for and values: a “heart” that feels, a sign of good luck from the “rain” and “comfort” for your peace of mind. Ura aims to enhance the pleasure of sharing at the table, create a moment to pause, enjoy the flavors and strengthen bonds between friends and family.

With conscious design and careful production, Ura creates an ambiance that invites people to appreciate and enjoy the ritual of life.