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Waraos Amazónicos
Meet The Artisans

Waraos Amazónicos

In 2017, Luis David Colmenarez decided to research his ancestry and heritage with a trip to discover the environment and traditions of the indigenous people of the Orinoco region, in the Venezuelan and Colombian Amazon. Here, indigenous people live passing great knowledge and wisdom through the centuries, and life goes hand in hand with nature in a harmonious cycle.

Luis founded his brand Waraos Amazónicos with the goal to make the traditions of the natives of the Amazon known to the world, through crafts made with an eco-friendly process that conserves nature and protects the environment.  

Waraos Amazónicos, which in the native language means "Inhabitant of water" or "People of the canoe", is now collaborating with approximately 26 indigenous communities and ethnic groups of the Colombian and Venezuelan Amazon that live mostly along the Orinoco River.

Waraos utilizes the natural fibers provided by the jungle, worked with an eco-friendly process that protects the environment. Thus, by promoting environmentally-friendly crafts and avoiding the consumption of harmful plastic, the ancestral know-how of the Waraos is preserved.