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Meet The Artisans


Paloma Romero founded Zaavia to promote sustainable fashion and raise awareness of the waste caused by the traditional textile industry, the second most polluting worldwide. She works with artisans from Guerrero in a fair-trade model, to preserve ancestral techniques while incorporating experimentation and contemporary design.

Zaavia takes its name from the Spanish word savia, meaning sap. Like sap is the vital blood that keeps a plant alive, so does Zaavia aim to keep Mexican artisanal crafts alive by mixing ancestral techniques with modern product design, to create renewable and environmentally responsible products using materials taken from nature, transforming them into veritable pieces of organic art and functional design.

Each individual piece is hand-woven by artisans from Paloma’s native state of Guerrero with palm leaves using traditional local techniques. Zaavia’s products are further enriched with the use of vegan leather from Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, which is made from cactus and is smooth to the touch.

Her ever-growing collection of timeless creations highlights the beauty of natural materials and the craftsmanship of Mexican artisans while promoting a paradigm shift towards conscious, organic, and functional fashion.