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Free U.S. Shipping & Returns for Orders Over $100

Remolino Swirl Ring

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Color: Zapote Yellow

The Remolino Swirl Ring is more than just a pretty face. It is in fact a portal to transport you to a magical place. Handmade from hand-blown glass so each piece is completely unique, it is inspired by The Río Claro basin, a natural wonder of the world where the river water - a source of life for countless endemic species - has carved different patterns on the stones that surround it.

Like the Rings themselves, the Río Claro allows you to glimpse an infinity of shapes that captivate whoever looks at them, as well as being a source of admiration in itself. With each purchase, you contribute to the conservation of 20 square meters of Tropical Humid Forest in the Magdalena Medio Colombiano in alliance with O2 RESERVE.

Dimensions: 1.5 diameter x 0.4 in (3.8 diameter x 1 cm)

 Weight: 0.1 oz (2.8 gms) 

Please note, this item is made to order and will take 5-7 days to create. Once it is ready, it will be delivered to you within 10-14 business days. 


Colombian designers and friends Mariana Eichmann and Daniela Hernández de Alba have always shared a passion for Colombia’s ecological riches and created Salvárea as a sustainable jewelry brand that treasures and protects the ecological riches of the Colombian territory.

With their collections, they express the love and amazement they feel for their nature, through jewelry consciously produced from recycled materials and by actively contributing to the conservation of Colombia’s ecosystems with the sale of each piece.
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