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Handmade Ceramic Copal Holder

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This black Handmade Ceramic Copal Holder is hand-crafted in San Bartolo, Oaxaca in Nelly Ortiz's workshop. San Bartolo is known for its work with Barro Negro Pottery, (black clay), an ancient artisan technique from the state. Nelly and her family have been working for generations with this mystical black clay to design artisanal artifacts and share them with the world.

Copal is a tree resin used by the population as a ceremonial incense.

Nelly Ortiz

Nelly Ortiz was born and raised in a small town just outside of the city of Oaxaca, known for its unique black pottery, also known as “Barro Negro”. Nelly’s entire family works in the family business run by her parents.

While everyone has learned the intricacies of this craft, each family member masters a specific part of the creation process and has his or her own role. Today, Nelly has a young daughter named Milagrito, “Little Miracle”, who has just begun to learn the secrets of black pottery from her mother.
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