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by OCHOINFINITO - Colombia

Jaguar Americano Centerpiece

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This gorgeous Jaguar Americano Centerpiece is made of turned and carved wood and decorated with the artisanal technique of Pasto Varnish, also known as Mopa Mopa. Ideal as a table centerpiece or as a decorative piece for your library nook or shelf unit, it will definitely add a unique touch to your home. The design is based on innovation in the shapes and details of wood carving, with an emphasis on new graphic patterns that seek to develop traditional crafts.

Each jaguar is a piece of wood carved by hand and completely decorated with the varnish technique, and the iconography of the jaguar seeks to raise awareness on the protection of the environment and the conservation of Colombian endangered species.

Turned and carved wood. Grass Varnish - Mopa/Mopa.

Diameter: 12.5” (32cm)
Height: 4” (11cm)
Weight: 2lb (0.90kg)



  • Piece made 100% by hand by artisans.

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    Architect Carlos Garzón has always been passionate about the preservation of Colombian cultural heritage and the restoration of Colombian artisanal crafts.

    Since 2017, he has been channeling this passion into his brand OCHOINFINITO, creating beautiful utilitarian art, decor objects, and pieces of furniture exclusively in series of eight and inspired by the know-how of Colombian craftsmanship, valuing traditions and artisanal techniques. Read more
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