BE to BE

Nicole and Mohamad are a lovely Swiss-Moroccan couple who decided to build their home and life in Marrakech. The two own a beautiful and charming Riad hotel in the heart of the Medina. Nicole brings the modern European touch to the Riad, while Mohamed preserves the heritage and authenticity of the Moroccan culture. This cultural harmony makes Riad BE Marrakech a delightful oasis.

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Beyond Marrakech

Danielle Donker, born in the Netherlands, spent her childhood collecting trinkets, imagining the wonders of the world. As an adult she set out to travel the vast expanses of Morocco, developing a strong passion for their craftsmanship and textile design, eventually settling in the Atlas Mountains. She spent the next three decades studying the art of Moroccan textiles, creating her exquisite and unique collection of restored vintage rugs and working closely with the local artisan community.

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YELLI Jewels

Samia always dreamt to contribute to the development of Moroccan Crafts, but it was during her travels that she realized that she was particularly drawn to the locally crafted jewelry in each of the countries she visited, as well as to their cultural symbolic meaning.

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IDYR Design

IDYR is a sustainable and ethical handmade accessories brand, producing high quality leather goods that combine hand-woven scraps of fabric sourced in garment factories in Casablanca.


The company was founded by two young social entrepreneurs, Amal Kenzari and Fadwa Moussaif.

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Cote Bougie

Côté Bougie is a family business,  established by Saida in 2003, and later joined by her two sons, Omar and Faycal. The company creates locally produced scented candles planted in beautiful handmade ceramic pots, precisely and elegantly crafted by master artisans keeping with the  highest standards of quality.

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The Nopo- Cote Bougie Moroccan handmade

El Mokri Studio

Anbar El Mokri is an abstract painter based between Casablanca and Marrakech. Anbar started painting vases during the quarantine as a means to support local artisans whose income was hurt by the pandemic. She integrates her paintings into their ceramic work, creating unique and colorful vases, each of them one-of-a-kind. 

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Fadwa Azhari Musk Studio

Fadwa Azhari, a visual artist from Casablanca, is the founder of Musk Studio. Fadwa grew up surrounded with islamic art in a family of Maallems (craftmasters in arabic) in artisanal sculpture and wood painting. Unfortunately, Fadwa never got to learn this craft because it wasn't considered suitable for girls.

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fadwa in her studio.jpg

Maison Bagan

Hanane Zamani grew up in Marrakech, entangled between Arabic, Berber, and French culture. Life took her on a whirlwind of adventures, traveling to countries like the Maldives and Turkey, and finally calling her back home to Morocco. Inspired by her younger sister's artisanal work, Hanane wanted to find her own artistic expression while preserving Moroccan heritage. She found her style by incorporating traditional Zellige tile work into wooden pieces, creating beautiful functional pieces. 

The Nopo - Beautiful Handmade Moroccan Z


Hamimi is a brother and sister store located in the heart of Marrakesh.

Their unique designs embrace the old and the new, combining traditional materials and techniques with a contemporary twist. 

Hamimi’s team of artisans consists of a group of local women who live in a village just outside of Marrakesh.

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hamimi design studio 2.jpg

Salah Eddine Zahouan

Salah has been working in the markets of Marrakesh from childhood, helping to support his entire family. He is intimately familiar with all the top vendors in the market and has an incredible eye for finding one-of-a-kind quality items, such as rugs.
Today he also works closely with talented local artisans crafting unique custom-made items.

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Salah meal.jpg

Soufiane Aissouni

Soufiane Aissouni, is a young and gifted Moroccan designer who represents the young generation of artisans in Morocco that are redefining the artisanal scene. With a deep respect for his routes and Moroccan traditional craftsmanship, he boldly ventures into new artistic terrain, developing his own distinct language that marries the old with the new.

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soufiani moroccan designer.jpg

Rhita Benjelloun

Rhita Benjelloun was born in Bordeaux France to Moroccan parents, a diplomat and a doctor. The family moved back to Morocco when Rhita was six years old, and she spent her childhood in Rabat, soaking in Moroccan culture and Berber heritage.

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Zineb Bennani ZELART

Zineb Benanni is a designer and a fearless entrepreneur. Originally from Casablanca, she moved to Tangier with her family three years ago. Zineb started out her professional career as a floral designer, but when she moved to Casablanca, she decided to explore other artistic avenues. An encounter with a master Zelliage artisan at an art exhibition, inspired her to found Zelart.

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Zineb El-Kouhen

Zineb El-Kouhen is a captivating young Moroccan painter. She is the type of person you can spend hours talking to, glass of wine in hand, passionately discussing life, until morning hits you by surprise. As a 33 year-old artist with a visual disability, she has a perspective on things that makes you want to hear everything she has to say. 

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Marianne Romero

Marianne Romero is a mixed media artisan originally from Puebla, Mexico, and currently settled in Las Vegas, Nevada. Marianne integrates her ceramic work with her passion for threads and textiles, creating vivid thread paintings and unique pottery and jewelry pieces. She channels the native people's ideology of protecting nature into her artwork, incorporating earthly patterns and shapes, hoping to raise awareness of the true values of the natural world. 

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