Marianne Romero

Marianne Romero is a multidisciplinary Mexican artisan, inspired by the indigenous peoples of Mexico, specifically Huichol art, and Bohemian culture. She works with threads and textiles to create magnificent yarn paintings, capturing the sensations of nature through the movement of the threads. Integrating her art into earthen material, Marianne also crafts beautiful and delicate ceramic objects and jewelry.

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Carol Schoch

Several years ago, Carol Schoch chose a new life for herself, transitioning from a career as an accomplished economist to a designer promoting local Mexican craftsmanship. She began her quest in finding her inner creative voice, studying textiles, ancestral techniques and processes, traveling throughout Mexico and meeting the artisans at their homes and learning about the intricacies of this craft. Today, she designs bright and beautiful textiles, blankets, throws and textured pillows.

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Taller Maya

Taller Maya is a Mexican non-profit brand, established in 2002, following an initiative led by the Haciendas del Mundo Maya Foundation to preserve ancient Mayan heritage and support local artisans by creating opportunities for social and economic development through self-management and community participation. Taller Maya offers beautiful, handmade decor items from hammocks traditionally woven with waist looms to culturally rich jewelry pieces, all masterfully crafted by the social artisanal association in the rural communities of the Yucatan Peninsula.

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Ubuntu Market

Ubuntu Market is a brand created by the wonderful, creative and vivacious duo Kytzia Bourlon and Yoyo Cortés. The brand is focused on creating access to master artisans in the rural areas of Mexico so that they can share their exquisite creations with the world.

Their incredible energy and positivity reverberate through every piece, passionately crafted by their talented artisans. Ubuntu Market is perhaps most known for their lovely Pom Pom strings crafted by Samuel and Lucia Diaz and their masterfully crafted hats made by Don Beto Gomez. 

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Maestra Viviana

Maestra Viviana, born and raised in Oaxaca, Mexico, has been learning the craft of candle-making since she was 7 years old. Raised by her grandmother, Viviana did not have the opportunity to go to school, instead her grandmother spent time teaching her this special craft. Maestra Viviana has been known as the living legend of Oaxaca, Mexico, featured in major books representing the master artisans of the region and exemplifying Zapotec culture. Her name has spread far and wide, taking Viviana across the globe to teach and demonstrate others her craft - from Japan to Europe to the United States.

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Nelly Ortiz

Nelly Ortiz was born and raised in a small, special town just outside of the city of Oaxaca, known for its unique black pottery, otherwise know as “Barro Negro”. Nelly’s entire family works in the family business run by her parents. While each and every one has learned the intricacies of this craft, each family member masters a specific part of the creation process and has his or her own role. Today, Nelly has a young daughter named Milagrito, “Little Miracle”, who has just begun to learn the secrets of black pottery, passed on through the generations.

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Natalia and Brian

Natalia and Brian are a wonderful and charming young couple from San Andrés Huayapam in Oaxaca. The two studied at the Artisanal University of Oaxaca, and soon after graduating, opened together a ceramics studio where they continued to experiment with new materials, textures and techniques, developing their own special style.

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Samuel and Lucia

Samuel and Lucia are a young couple from Tenejapa, a small municipality located in the Chiapas mountains. Samuel, the eldest of 9 children, started working at a very young age together with his father, handcrafting bright and colorful pom poms- a traditional San Juan Chumlaan decoration. These special Pom Pom strings are beautifully made and are used both as a home decor element or as a fashion accessory that sparks joy.

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Don Beto 

Don Beto is the Master Hatter from the Oaxaca region in Mexico. While most people in his small town are farmers, Don Beto’s family is a family of artisans, making beautiful hats to keep the local farmers covered from the blazing sun. Don Beto has been learning the craft of hat-making since he was 7 years old, channeling his creativity and innovative abilities into the family business. Today, Beto runs the business together with his wife Lilly, and provides a sustainable income to many in his community. 

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Inspired by her experience working with artisans in Chiapas, Mexico, during her Textile Design University degree, Daniela Corzo decided to build her own brand to celebrate the rich artisanal heritage of Mexico and support local communities of artisans by providing them a fair income and excellent working conditions. 


Daniela finds constant inspiration in the ingenuity and creativity demonstrated by her artisans. Together with them, she experiments with weaving techniques, materials, and product design - bringing the new and the old together. Today her brand, Textitlán, offers a range of beautiful and contemporary hand-woven items, such as hammocks with macramé details, swings, and towels.

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Lucia Macarenä

After years of traveling the world as an industrial engineer in the oil and gas industry, Lucia took the plunge and decided to dedicate herself to sharing her love for Mexican crafts with the rest of the world. 

In 2016 she launched her own brand, LuciaMacarenä, which produces high-end fashion and accessories in partnership with the most experienced artisans in Oaxaca, using natural materials locally sourced and ancient production techniques dating back to the Mayans.

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Mx Atelier

When Paloma and Ricardo met at a fateful Valentine’s party in Cancún in 2017, it was love at first sight. Three years on, the two have built a home filled with love, Taco, their dog, and a huge amount of macramé creations!


Born from Paloma’s innate desire to experiment and create, and sustained by Ricardo’s love of spreadsheets and organization, Mx Atelier has been creating 100% handmade macramé products since 2018, ranging from wall-hanging pieces to clothing, accessories, and home decor.

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 rrres Studio

Started by Javier Reyes, a graphic designer originally from the Dominican Republic, rrres Studio is a design studio based in Oaxaca, Mexico, working directly with artisans from the region who use traditional craft techniques, such as pedal loom weaving, to create series and collections of objects for contemporary spaces and interior design projects. 


rrres doesn’t really mean anything, and as such it reflects the brand’s mission of skewing from professional roles, hierarchies, labels, and business models: the project is the result of an equal and collective effort between people, places, cultures, and heritage. Every piece is made directly with the artisans to ensure fair working conditions and payment, which contributes to building a relationship based on trust and mutual respect. 

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