Sophia Mikou

After a career in the fashion industry, Sophia Mikou established her brand in 2010 to bring Morocco into her customers’ everyday. Inspired by the light, smells, and beauty of the streets and houses, Sophia wants you to fall in love with Morocco’s heritage through her kaftans, capes, and kitchenware.


The fruit of a bountiful marriage between timeless oriental lines and ancestral handcrafted finishings, each of Sophia’s creations incorporate artisanal techniques pertaining to the best Moroccan know-how.

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Tunis-born architect and designer Sanaa Chaabi had an eclectic and international education that allowed her to blend her biggest passions - fashion design, architecture, and art - in her brand Reewaya once settled in Morocco.

Meaning tale in Arabic, Reewaya is an experimental collaboration where designer, tailors, and embroiderers test new materials, update ancestral techniques and craft contemporary clothing inspired by Moroccan culture, pieces of wearable art that look unique and tell a story.

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Hamimi is a brother and sister store located in the heart of Marrakesh.

Their unique designs embrace the old and the new, combining traditional materials and techniques with a contemporary twist. 

Hamimi’s team of artisans consists of a group of local women who live in a village just outside of Marrakesh.

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Cote Bougie

Côté Bougie is a family business,  established by Saida in 2003, and later joined by her two sons, Omar and Faycal. The company creates locally produced scented candles planted in beautiful handmade ceramic pots, precisely and elegantly crafted by master artisans keeping with the  highest standards of quality.

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The Nopo- Cote Bougie Moroccan handmade

Organic Hand

Rime Chafik was on a sabbatical year from her intense speech therapist career when she became interested in beauty and started learning all about organic skincare. She experimented with making products for her own use for a year and a half before she launched her brand Organic Hands. 


Today, from her Casablanca-based lab, Rime makes a wide range of organic soap bars, shampoo bars, and serums to pamper your skin, revitalize your hair and nurture your soul.

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Coming from a long line of carpet weavers of the Beni Ourain tribe, Amin Elouazzani spent his childhood surrounded by traditional rugs and the Berber women hand-weaving them. Nomad 33 was born out of Amin’s passion for his roots and heritage, and his eagerness to share them with the world.


Today, Amin’s team travels far and wide around Morocco to source the best vintage rugs directly from the makers, as well as working with them on bespoke designs, preserving heritage while modernizing centuries-old craftsmanship.

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Bolten Design

It all started with a family bet. Could DIY fanatic and Business school graduate Talha Benkhadda make a dinner table for a member of his family? The brief was simple: make art, not furniture. And so, after countless failures, Bolten Design was born. 


Based in Marrakech, the company combines contemporary design and the manual work of highly qualified artisan craftsmen to create natural, hard-wearing and minimalist designs. 

Nature provides inspiration for Bolten: an unexpected combination of fine materials including wood, steel and brass.

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Teika Jewelry

After a rich experience in high-end fashion, designer Zeinab El Alami gave into the calling of her roots and created Teïka Jewelry to revive the ancestral Moroccan know-how of fine embroidery, transposing its usage from precious traditional caftans to jewelry. 


The fruit of countless hours of work, Teïka’s limited-edition jewels require two separate manufacturing steps - first handcrafting by local artisans, then a painstakingly fine process of embroidery by expert hands - making them absolutely unique pieces of art.

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Stuff by Karim

Karim Rouifi is a Moroccan visual artist hailing from one of the smallest towns in the north, called Ksar El Kebir. After starting out with acrylic on canvas, Karim incorporated graphic design and transitioned to a more minimal style, bringing sketches to the fore of his practice. 


His line drawing prints are a real exploration of the human soul and each of them tells a story that the viewer can freely reinterpret and make his own.

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Moroccan designer Ghita Tagmouti was brought up in an artistic family, with her grandfather teaching her to knit while her mother exposed her to all things handicrafts. After a Master’s in Product Design, she decided to fuse her passions for design and craftsmanship, creating her brand Artizainer Design in Casablanca.


As passionate about crafts as she is about learning, Ghita is constantly expanding her work with new techniques, which today include woodwork, embroidery, resin, and more. Her work is an explosion of creativity and elegant playfulness.

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Fanny Lopez

Artistic director Fanny Lopez landed in Marrakech in 2016 to work with an art foundation. Soon, though, she started imagining decorative objects to fuse her graphic design work with local architecture, resulting in limited series of timeless decor items that value a slow design and handmade approach. 


Together with Marrakech artisans who bring their ancestral know-how, Fanny’s brand Fanny Lopez creates unique decor accents such as brass mirrors, sculptured vases, embroidered wall hangings and more, that combine and adapt to multiple environments.

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Hailing from the Italian island of Sardinia, Antonella worked in Rome and Switzerland as a Product Manager for high-end fashion brand Fendi, until in 2019 she took a leap of faith and jumped ship to Morocco, where she worked in tourism. 


She very soon fell in love with the local crafts and decided to put her experience in the fashion industry to good use, creating her brand IFULKKI that makes unique bags from vintage Berber carpets in collaboration with master artisans of the Marrakech Medina.

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Atelier Coppery

A long-time lover of Moroccan handmade crafts, Asmaa started her brand Atelier Coppery to create aesthetically pleasing ceramic products that bring serenity and well-being to your interior decor. 


In her studio in Marrakech, Morocco, she designs modern and minimalist pieces which local Moroccan artisans in the Marrakech medina bring to life, using their ancestral know-how in pairing high-quality ceramics with beautiful copper finishings.

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Elhora Jewels

After an early career in Business & Innovation, Lamiae Skalli started to learn about jewelry making in Turkey and then in Fez, Morocco, studying metalsmithing with local master craftsmen. Lamiae was keen to break societal boundaries and disrupt labels, by going from a stable career in business to a creative, yet more uncertain one, as an artisan. 

In Arabic, elhora means “a pure and authentic woman”. Lamiae chose this name for her brand to reflect the fact that Elhora Jewels was born to disrupt the jewelry industry in Morocco, traditionally seen as male.

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Mamalita's Secret

Having had very sensitive skin for years and wanting to protect her daughter from exposure to chemicals, Atif Amal started putting her extensive knowledge of plants to good use, creating handmade beauty products from her Casablanca lab.


Her brand Mamalita’s Secret was born from the desire to find a healthier alternative to chemicals, using natural ingredients such as plant-based butter & oil, spices, and herbs to create a vast range of soap bars.

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Tamga Jewels

Tamga Jewels is above all the story of a beautiful friendship between Fatima Zahra and Nisrine, two Moroccan women who bonded over their shared love for travel, adventure and jewelry.


From a long friendship to an entrepreneurial adventure, Tamga Jewels has developed as a high-end silver jewelry brand, producing Amazigh-inspired jewels using the finest silver worked by the most able craftsmen in Tiznit, the Moroccan capital of silver in the south of the country.

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Rchima Design

Souad Laghssais had the initial idea for her brand of Amazigh-inspired clothing and accessories on a train journey from Marrakech to El Jadida four years ago.


Inspired by her childhood memories of Amazigh tattoos on her grandmother’s and aunties’ faces, arms, and hands, Rchima Design aims at preserving a fast-disappearing heritage and modernizing the ancient symbology of the Amazigh culture, by matching it to items of everyday use: tote bags, purses, t-shirts, sweaters, and more.

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Benimane Ceramics

After a career in marketing, Imane decided to give in to her true calling of making beautiful ceramics to celebrate her Moroccan heritage and learned the craft through practical training with master artisans in Marrakech. 


Her brand Benimane Ceramics puts together her love for handicrafts and her passion for the rawness of clay and the craftsmanship needed to model it. All her pieces are designed and crafted by her, making each product an extraordinary representation of her whole being.

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Yassin Habbani

Yassin Habbani’s grandfather started the ceramics family business in Safi, the capital of Moroccan ceramics, having learned the trade from his father, and in turn passing on the knowledge to his son and grandson, Yassin. 


From age 13, Yassin grew up in the midst of it all: selecting the clay, working in the workshop by himself or with the help of other master artisans, and creating beautiful designs in full respect of the Safiot tradition of pottery design.


Zineb El-Kouhen

Zineb El-Kouhen is a captivating young Moroccan painter. She is the type of person you can spend hours talking to, glass of wine in hand, passionately discussing life, until morning hits you by surprise. As a 33 year-old artist with a visual disability, she has a perspective on things that makes you want to hear everything she has to say. 

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Yelli Jewels

Samia always dreamt to contribute to the development of Moroccan Crafts, but it was during her travels that she realized that she was particularly drawn to the locally crafted jewelry in each of the countries she visited, as well as to their cultural symbolic meaning.

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Samia - Founder of Yelli Jewels.jpg

Chama Chraibi

Chama Chraibi was born into an artistic family and was always encouraged to express her creativity through drawing and painting. A self-proclaimed scribbling addict, Chama takes inspiration from everyday people and situations to develop her minimalist line drawings, which are able to compress and express the complexity of life through a fresh, vibrant, and energetic style.


Based in Casablanca, Chama pairs her visual arts work with hand painted ceramics and acrylic sculptures, in a constant reinvention of her style and sensitivity.

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BE to BE

Nicole and Mohamad are a lovely Swiss-Moroccan couple who decided to build their home and life in Marrakech. The two own a beautiful and charming Riad hotel in the heart of the Medina. Nicole brings the modern European touch to the Riad, while Mohamed preserves the heritage and authenticity of the Moroccan culture. This cultural harmony makes Riad BE Marrakech a delightful oasis.

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Beyond Marrakech

Danielle Donker, born in the Netherlands, spent her childhood collecting trinkets, imagining the wonders of the world. As an adult she set out to travel the vast expanses of Morocco, developing a strong passion for their craftsmanship and textile design, eventually settling in the Atlas Mountains. She spent the next three decades studying the art of Moroccan textiles, creating her exquisite and unique collection of restored vintage rugs and working closely with the local artisan community.

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Hope Arts Studio

Born and bred in Marrakech, Kenza Benabdelouahad is a multidisciplinary artist with a bohemian soul, who mixed her passion for arts with her yoga training to create Hope Arts Studio, a space for the creative contemplation of the World, its colors, lights, and vibrations.


Inspired by the ever-changing nature of her own life, Kenza works with fluid art to paint on canvas, tables, and vases, as well as creating beautiful items of interior decor using resin art.

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IDYR Design

IDYR is a sustainable and ethical handmade accessories brand, producing high quality leather goods that combine hand-woven scraps of fabric sourced in garment factories in Casablanca.


The company was founded by two young social entrepreneurs, Amal Kenzari and Fadwa Moussaif.

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Maison Bagan

Hanane Zamani grew up in Marrakech in a multicultural environment bringing together Arabic, Berber, and French influences. Life took her on a whirlwind of adventures, traveling around the world immersing herself in local art and creation, before finally returning to her beloved home in Morocco. Inspired by her younger sister's artisanal work and her Moroccan heritage, Hanane set out to develop her own unique artisanal expression and style by incorporating traditional Zellige tile work into wooden pieces, creating a beautiful line of functional and unique home decor items.

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Hero - Maison Bagan Founder Hanane Zeman

El Mokri Studio

Anbar El Mokri is an abstract painter based between Casablanca and Marrakech. Anbar started painting vases during the quarantine as a means to support local artisans whose income was hurt by the pandemic. She integrates her paintings into their ceramic work, creating unique and colorful vases, each of them one-of-a-kind. 

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Salah Eddine Zahouan

Salah has been working in the markets of Marrakesh from childhood, helping to support his entire family. He is intimately familiar with all the top vendors in the market and has an incredible eye for finding one-of-a-kind quality items, such as rugs.
Today he also works closely with talented local artisans crafting unique custom-made items.

Salah meal.jpg

Soufiane Aissouni

Soufiane Aissouni, is a young and gifted Moroccan designer who represents the young generation of artisans in Morocco that are redefining the artisanal scene. With a deep respect for his routes and Moroccan traditional craftsmanship, he boldly ventures into new artistic terrain, developing his own distinct language that marries the old with the new.

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soufiani moroccan designer.jpg


Labboho is a Moroccan brand founded by Younes Arabab, dealing with a large variety of fully hand-made Moroccan products, such as vintage rugs, cushions, poufs, and more. 


All of Labboho’s work aims at supporting local artisans, empowering female cooperatives, enhancing fair trade practices, and providing the customer with high-quality products made with love by expert artisan hands all over Morocco.

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Created by Wafae Zaoui, BillYadi is a Rabat-based brand that makes handmade leather accessories featuring beautiful hand-painted calligraphy decorations. Wafae’s aim is to preserve and renew the Moroccan artisanal heritage, by combinig several disciplines: design, painting, calligraphy, and leatherwork. 


Proudly nourished by traditional Moroccan know-how but with a distinct nod to modern aesthetics, BillYadi’s creations are carefully handcrafted by Wafae herself, who has developed her leatherwork skills from best Moroccan master artisans. 

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Rhita Benjelloun

Rhita Benjelloun was born in Bordeaux France to Moroccan parents, a diplomat and a doctor. The family moved back to Morocco when Rhita was six years old, and she spent her childhood in Rabat, soaking in Moroccan culture and Berber heritage.

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S|HE Archives

Che Dobbins, the jewelry designer of S|HE Archives, originally from California, found herself living quite the nomadic lifestyle, eventually finding herself in Morocco where she is based today. Che's fascination with jewelry began as a child exploring her mother's vast collection of ethnic jewelry which she had collected throughout her travels.  Over the years Che has collected her own stories and experiences which she integrates into her designs. Che’s collection is brought to life in collaboration with a local master silver-smith in the south of Morocco. 

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Mouna Fassi Fihri

Born and raised in Fez, Morocco, Mouna Fassi Fihri grew up feeding her imagination with magical stories from her family’s past and watching the masterful hands of artisans making beautiful wares in the dusty backstreets of Fez. Mouna’s particular aesthetic seamlessly blends traditional Berber materials and techniques with elements of modern interior decoration. Each one of Mouna’s pieces is absolutely unique, having been made entirely by hand using ethically sourced materials from around the Atlas region.

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Khawla and Aya Laraki are a brilliant and innovative young Moroccan duo who set out to reinvent Morocco’s most renowned form of craft: leather making. The two joined a social entrepreneurship program while at university where they explored different ways of positively impacting Moroccan society. Their exploration led them to founding Cuimer, a brand of environmentally and socially responsible, high-end, handmade leather goods. What makes their story so exceptional is that their leather is sourced from marine life, previously destined to waste.

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