Bridging the Distance

Through technology and human connection we strive to democratize international ecommerce. We are reaching artisans in developing countries and providing them with training, technical onboarding and logistical support so that they can offer their exquisite crafts to international audiences.  

For our online shoppers, we are creating a seamless, transparent and secure shopping experience, creating direct access to artisans that were previously inaccessible.

Fair Trade

Fair Trade addresses the injustices of conventional trade, which traditionally discriminates against the poorest and weakest individuals in developing countries.

The makers and artisans who created the product you are purchasing, are paid sustainable prices for their crafts. This enables them to improve their situation and quality of life. By purchasing Fair Trade you are proactively supporting ethical and conscious consumerism.

Preserving Heritage

The items sold on our platform integrate traditional techniques that are rich in heritage and carry great cultural significance.

When we purchase a beautiful hand-made item from another place or time, we get to take home with us a bit of the magic it represents; the wisdom and ingenuity, the innovation and exploration that went into creating it. 

We appreciate and applaud the skill, talent and labor put into these unique and authentic works of art.