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Bringing Markets to Life

Bringing Markets to Life

What we do

The Nopo connects online shoppers with exceptional artisans in some of the most intriguing markets around the world. By bridging geographical distances & language barriers, facilitating safe & secure payment, providing reliable & efficient shipping, and promoting fair trade, we enable both a comfortable and stimulating consumer experience in amazing locales you’ll love imagining actually getting to.

Why we do What we do

Purchasing a beautiful handmade item from another place or time, enables us to take home some of the magic and wisdom it represents. Meeting the people and learning the stories behind these creations enables us to take home some of the ingenuity and passion that went into creating them. We aim to fill our homes and our lives with the spirit of creativity while facilitating profound human interaction and understanding.

Who we are

The Nopo was founded by a 'wanderlust' female duo, Kelly Breakstone Roth and Shanny Harel, who set out to create an exceptional discovery platform that would inspire people to explore beyond their familiar geographical and cultural boundaries. Often, it is the unfamiliar which touches our souls in the most powerful ways; discovering little reflections of ourselves in the unknown.

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