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An insider’s guide to beautiful creative content for your social media
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Live Webinar: An insider’s guide to beautiful creative content for your social media
Friday, March 25, 2022 11 AM CST I 12 PM COT I 18 PM WEST

It doesn’t matter whether you’re new to creating content for your business’s social channels or you’re a professional content creator trying to grow your business presence. As an artisan, on top of managing your business, tracking orders, and creating new designs, finding time to manage your social media accounts and create engaging content is hard.

In our upcoming webinar with Kristen Kellogg, The Nopo’s Creative Manager, and Sharon Brand, The Nopo’s Community Manager, you will learn how to easily create valuable social media content that will engage your audience, boost sales, and grow your business. We will host an open discussion during this session, so that attendees can share their experiences, ask questions, share tips, and take advantage of the power of the community.


Sharon Brand

Sharon is The Nopo's Community Manager and the founder of Brand's Media Group, a social media agency.

During this webinar, Sharon will share the newest social media trends to follow and – most importantly – how to have fun using your socials, because that's what really matters!

Kristen Kellogg

Kristen is The Nopo's Creative Content Manager and founder of Border Free Media, a boutique creative agency that has over a decade of experience in full-cycle content marketing and storytelling for brand around the globe.

In this webinar, she'll teach you how to become more confident and creative while shooting your own videos.
Save your Seat

In this webinar we will cover the following topics:

  • The latest global social media insights, plus an inside look at where social commerce is heading
  • How to use photography to your advantage with simple knowledge and equipment we all have at home
  • How to create fun, engaging content easily to grow your social media presence

  • We're offering this webinar as the first in a series of webinars aimed at giving tools to The Nopo artisan community in different aspects of your business - feel free to reach out to and let us know what else you would like to learn about!