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Free U.S. Shipping & Returns for Orders Over $100
Tierra de Barro

Tierra de Barro


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Where design overlaps with handmade’. This is the motto of Tierra de Barro, a business born during the global pandemic when husband and wife duo the Astorga decided that they should channel their love of real estate and flower arranging into a different direction. Thus Tierra de Barro became, to share with the world the couple’s love of plants and flowers and the calm and joy they bring but most importantly, to provide the right kind of vessels to house them.

Each pot is handmade individually without molds and without inhibitions. Each piece is truly unique and truly the product of love. Tierra De Barro makes products as if they were making them for their own house to encourage customers to love and treasure a piece too.

Starting with bigger pots of enormous dimensions, the couple experimented with different techniques and processes, and with time they discovered other processes and clay colors.

Laying emphasis on nature and the earthy feel of rough clay, Tierra de Barro’s products explore different textures, some are painted to achieve smoothness, others left alone in all their naked glory.