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A Guide to Moroccan Inspired Home Decor

Updated: Jan 4

10 ways to spice-up your home with Moroccan design

Moroccon architecture and interior design is as wondrous and diverse as the coutnry's landscape. With many different influences coming together, Berber, Arab, Spanish and French, Moroccan design is bright, lively and inviting.  Moroccan motifs are especially popular in bohemian-inspired interior designs, and can easily be adapted into modern homes. Mix and match bold patterns, beautiful Moroccan tiles, cosy pillows, and intricate lamps for an eclectic Moroccan inspired style

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Here our top 5 suggestions of how to use Moroccan inspired design in your home:

Moroccan rugs

Morocco is famous for its rugs, also referred to as Boucherouite (pronounced boo-shay-reet) rugs. Local artisans still use the age-old hand-weaving techniques of the Berber tribes. Each tribe has its own unique patterns, symbols and use of colors. Particularly well-known is the diamond-shaped pattern. Vintage rugs are considered much more valuable. A Moroccan rug is a staple design element in your bohemian home and can really redefine the room.

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Moroccan Poufs

You can’t imagine a Moroccan home without a traditional pouf. This is not only a beautiful design element, it can function as a footstool, an extra seating when you have guests and even as the base of a coffee table when laying a large brass tray on top. Poufs are either made of stitched-leather, hand-woven wool textiles or organic cotton.

Moroccan Copper and Brass

Another classic decor element in a Moroccan-inspired room is the use of copper or brass accessories. It can be a copper tea tray, an intricate lamp, decorative copper mirror frame, copper candle holder or even a copper date bowl.

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Moroccan Throw Pillows and Cushions

Throw pillows are an essential component of Moroccan design, which is first and foremost about warmth and comfort. Black and white, boldly colorful or traditionally patterned pillows, each representative of a different tribe or village, add loads of style and charm to any room. One of our favorite uses of Moroccan pillows is as floor cushions, transforming any livingroom into a bohemian sanctuary.

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Woven Straw and Palm Accessories

In many Moroccan villages, female artisans are trained from childhood in the art of weaving baskets, plates, placemats, brooms and trays from straw and Palm. These pieces can double as a stunning wall decoration.

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