Handmade Scented Candle - The Nelia - Sabra Edition

  • Woven with Sfifa, a natural fiber, the Sabra Edition by Côté Bougie exuberates the woven cultures and traditions of Morocco. The sweet aroma of dates, this candle will fill the room with the scent of a cherished Moroccan fruit. Sold in every street market, these candied fruits bring smiles to all who smell their delightful fragrance and take a bite out of the sweet, sticky delicacy.


    These beautifully woven candles are a warm edition to your bedroom, a luminous glow to your living room. Treat yourself with the feeling of a spa day decorating your bathroom with these candles, or imagine you're in a Moroccan getaway by placing them in your garden. The options are endless, and they are bound to be beautiful.