Handmade Zellige Tile - Bab Doukala

  • This super-chic glazed terracotta 'Bab Doukala' tile was designed in collaboration with artist and architech Marie Bastide. The tile is named after Rue Bab Doukkala in Marrakech. The man in this tile is wearing the traditional Moroccan djellaba, a long and loose type of robe that is often worn over the top of other clothes. It has long sleeves and a pointed hood to provide shade in the sun and keeps the warmth in the cold.


    The tile piece will add loads of style and a worldly vibe to your home. The tile sits in a metal frame with a hook on the back. It can be hung on the wall or placed on a shelf or coffee table. Mix and match with other tiles for greater impact.


    Zelart combines Zellige artwork, a traditional Moroccan handicraft technique of tilework, with modern artistic styles. The result- a beautiful representation of today’s Morocco. Each tile is 100% handmade and crafted in collaboration with local master Zellige artisans. The art of Zellige is transferred from generation to generation, with training starting at childhood.