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Free U.S. Shipping & Returns for Orders Over $150
by Holba

Balam Planter

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The perfect house planter to illuminate that corner of the living room that is bare and lonely or enlighten an empty bedroom dresser, the Balam Planter is as sleek and mysterious in name as it is in design. ‘Balam’ means Jaguar in the native Mexican language Nahuatl, which points to Holba’s philosophy of celebrating Mexican heritage and reuniting with Mother Nature.

Made from 100% parota wood, this unique piece comes with a drainage hole that allows the plant to breathe and grow and each piece varies in color and tone depending on the cut of wood it is made from.

Dimensions: 15.24cm (6") x 15.24cm (6")x 15.24cm (6")

Weight: 35oz (992.233gms)

Material: Parota Wood


The brainchild of Paulina Rodriguez, HOLBA came into being in Guadalajara by passionate designers who wanted to piece together their love of design, natural materials and Mexican heritage.

HOLBA believes that Mother Earth has already designed the right materials to give us everything we need for useful and beautiful household creations. All raw materials are 100% Mexican and 100% made from Parota wood and its products use indigenous Mexican names for all of its products derived from Náhuatl and Mayan languages.
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