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Free U.S. Shipping & Returns for Orders Over $150

Set of 4 Bejuco Napkin Holder

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The Set of 4 Bejuco Napkin Holders looks perfect with a colorful cloth napkin inside and is an elegant everyday table dresser. Made from vine-like bejuco fibre, a fine example of Colombia’s wide variety of sustainably grown and chemical-free natural fibres, it is hand-woven by artisans from the Quindío region of Colombia.

Subtle and easy for everyday use, this product also supports Natural Artesanias’ valuable social cause to rebuild and preserve numerous communities of artisans.

Dimensions: Diameter: 1.77" (4.49cm), Length: 2.36" (5.99cm)

Weight: 1 piece 0.13oz (3.68g) 

Natural Artesanías

Natural Artesanías is a social enterprise with a passion for handicrafts and preserving artisan communities around Colombia. Using a wide variety of natural fibers, its over 25 artisans create high-quality, fair-trade designs that celebrate Colombia’s forgotten territories, biodiversity and richness of vegetable fibers. Placing people above profit, Natural Artesanías reinvest all of its income into developing Colombian crafts and helping artisans improve their quality of life.
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