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Black Friday is Here: Sign Up and get 20% OFF Everything!

Berber Ceramic Plate

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A Beautiful handmade traditional Tamegroute green piece glazed for decoration.

Tamegroute is a village in South Morocco, just before the immense Sahara. In the Berber language, Tamegroute means 'last place before the desert'. The village is known for its beautiful green pottery.


A Tamegroute pottery piece is completely unique. The color and shape are never exactly the same. Many factors impact the final look of the piece: the placement in and temperature of the oven, the exact composition of the glaze, the technique of the potter. Everything is done by feeling, based on years of experience passed on from generation to generation. Not a single measuring device or thermometer is used.

Dimensions: Small: Approx. 24.32cm (9.5") Diameter Large: Approx. 24.13cm (9.5") Diameter


Salah Eddine Zahouan

Salah has been working in the markets of Marrakesh from childhood, helping to support his entire family. He is intimately familiar with all the top vendors in the market and has an incredible eye for finding one-of-a-kind quality items, such as rugs.

Today he also works closely with talented local artisans crafting unique custom-made items.
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