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Free U.S. Shipping & Returns for Orders Over $100

Handcrafted Dias en Vela Candleholders

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$224.00 - $1,216.00
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Color: Terracotta

Part of the Infinite Objects series, the Handcrafted Set of Dias en Vela Candleholders (Days Awakening) encapsulates the ritual of lighting a candle, which has always been an event where the body, space, and mind are involved. For a long time, candles have accompanied the solitude and silence of those who watch, have protected the bodies of the deceased, have illuminated the darkness for the night owl and have marked the beginning of countless special moments.

With this series of objects, PopDots Studio seeks to strengthen a concept in which aesthetics evolve in conjunction with doing, in which the continuous trance of practice refines the technique and generates different unique and increasingly complex pieces, where the piece becomes an extension of the candle and the candle an extension of the piece.

This exploration focuses on conserving solid clay, to understand its behavior, flexibility, structure, and balance; altering and monitoring its state of drying, to later sculpt it and finally bake it, taking care of the conservation of the natural essence of the clay.

The materials used are burned at different temperatures and glazed with Terra Sigillata techniques. Available as a set of 5, 8, 12 or 16, of varying sizes.

Dimensions: Size varies, between 30cm tall to 8cm tall.

Weight of set of 16 pieces: 8500g (18.73lbs.)

Weight of set of 12 pieces: 5500g (12.12lbs.)

Weight of set of 8 pieces: 4500g (9.92lbs.)

Weight of set of 5 pieces: 3000g (6.61lbs.)

Please note, this item is made to order and will take up to a month to create. Once it is ready it will be delivered to you within 10-14 business days.

Pop Dots

Pop Dots is a Guadalajara ceramic studio founded in 2015 by Melisa Aldrete & Luis Cárdenas, in an attempt to fuse concept and process, resulting in conceptual but utilitarian pieces of ceramics ranging from vases to pots to candleholders.

Melisa & Luis help their artisans to increase their mastery and understanding of their own craft and material, thanks to their collections as well as experimental installations that continue the dialogue between the creator, material, the process and the environment where the product lives.
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