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Free U.S. Shipping & Returns for Orders Over $100

Handmade Berber Mirror - The Mother Goddess

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This extraordinary mirror, a contemporary twist on ancient Berber tradition, is decorated with the Berber symbol of femininity for the mother goddess. When looking at your reflection in the mirror, you are momentarily "tattooed" with this powerful symbol, as a means of empowering you to look at yourself with love and compassion.  

Pair this mirror with others in this unique collection: The Eye and The Warrior, to create a stunning trio of enchanting mirrors. Hang them indoors or outdoors, to create the perfect colorful boho setting.

Dimensions: Mother Goddess - 43.18cm (17")

Mouna Fassi Fihri

Born and raised in Fez, Morocco, Mouna Fassi Fihri grew up feeding her imagination with magical stories from her family’s past and watching the masterful hands of artisans making beautiful wares in the dusty backstreets of Fez. Mouna’s particular aesthetic seamlessly blends traditional Berber materials and techniques with elements of modern interior decoration. Each one of Mouna’s pieces is absolutely unique, having been made entirely by hand using ethically sourced materials from around the Atlas region.
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