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Free U.S. Shipping & Returns for Orders Over $100

Handmade Moroccan Kilim Poufs with Pompoms

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This large lounge pillow is perfect for a couch, bed, or on its own, like a bean bag style. Its simple design allows you to mix and match it with various colors and textures, to create the perfect lounge space just for you. Please note the pouf comes unfilled

Material: Wool

Dimensions: 44.5cm (17.7") x 44.5cm (17.7")



Salah Eddine Zahouan

Salah has been working in the markets of Marrakesh from childhood, helping to support his entire family. He is intimately familiar with all the top vendors in the market and has an incredible eye for finding one-of-a-kind quality items, such as rugs.

Today he also works closely with talented local artisans crafting unique custom-made items.
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