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Free U.S. Shipping & Returns for Orders Over $100

Handmade Oaxaca Wool Curvy Top Hat

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Color: Off-White

This simple but fashionable hat can be paired with many different styles, from chic to boho, from the city to the countryside, to create the perfect combo just for you. Wear it as an accessory, or for practical purposes to keep the sun from blazing down on you, either way you'll feel the makers' passion in this handmade beauty. 

Dimensions: Length: 40.64cm (14") Width: 35.56cm (16") Height: 10.16cm (4") Wing: 10.16cm (4")

Don Beto

Don Beto is the Master Hatter from the Oaxaca region in Mexico. While most people in his small town are farmers, Don Beto’s family is a family of artisans, making beautiful hats to keep the local farmers covered from the blazing sun.

Don Beto has been learning the craft of hat-making since he was 7 years old, channeling his creativity and innovative abilities into the family business. Today, Beto runs the business together with his wife Lilly, and provides a sustainable income to many in his community.
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