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Free U.S. Shipping & Returns for Orders Over $100
by Azilal

Handmade Blue Vintage Azilal Rug

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This unusually dense Handmade Vintage Blue Azilal Rug features a tribal chic spirit. This vintage carpet is a superb example of the domestically crafted weavings from this region. It features a ground in natural creamy ivory, with patterns in shades of brown softly glimpsing through.

The composition exhibits an irregular network of female lozenges holding small dots. This carpet is beautifully finished with a flatweave band decorated with colorful motifs. Cotton is used to strengthen the warp, which is typical for the Azilal weavings.

Dimensions: 362 x 142cm (142.52" x 55.90")

Weight: 9kg (19.84lb)

Beyond Marrakech

Danielle Donker, born in the Netherlands, spent her childhood collecting trinkets, imagining the wonders of the world. As an adult she set out to travel the vast expanses of Morocco, developing a strong passion for their craftsmanship and textile design, eventually settling in the Atlas Mountains.

She spent the next three decades studying the art of Moroccan textiles, creating her exquisite and unique collection of restored vintage rugs and working closely with the local artisan community..
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