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Free U.S. Shipping & Returns for Orders Over $150

Handmade Vintage Berber Rug Shopper Bag II

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The Handmade Black Vintage Berber Rug Shopper Bag II is a masterful combination of smart and playful, with its neutral black background counterpointed by colorful motifs unique to the Berber rug used to create it. Crafted by hand in the Marrakech medina by a master tailor, the shopper bag comes from a repurposed vintage "Oued Zem" rug handmade with natural fibers.

Dimensions: Height: 35cm (13.77") Width: 39cm (15.35") Straps: 21cm (8.26")

Weight: 450g (0.99lb)


Hailing from the Italian island of Sardinia, Antonella worked in Rome and Switzerland as a Product Manager for high-end fashion brand Fendi, until in 2019 she took a leap of faith and jumped ship to Morocco, where she worked in tourism.

She very soon fell in love with the local crafts and decided to put her experience in the fashion industry to good use, creating her brand IFULKKI that makes unique bags from vintage Berber carpets in collaboration with master artisans of the Marrakech Medina.
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