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Black Friday is Here: Sign Up and get 20% OFF Everything!

Ini Macramé Lampshade

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$332.00 - $332.00
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The stunning Ini Macramé Lampshade is a real work of art that will brighten any room with its elegant, sophisticated look. The lampshade is entirely handmade over countless hours by the magical and patient hands of Paloma from Mx Atelier, who works exclusively with high-quality cotton, knotting each and every string by hand.

Use the lampshade as a decorative piece or as an actual hanging lampshade to add a touch of class to any room. 

Dimensions: 70cm x 35cm (27.55" x 13.77") 

Weight: 1kg (2.20lb)

Mx Atelier

When Paloma and Ricardo met at a fateful Valentine’s party in Cancún in 2017, it was love at first sight. Three years on, the two have built a home filled with love, Taco, their dog, and a huge amount of macramé creations!

Born from Paloma’s innate desire to experiment and create, and sustained by Ricardo’s love of spreadsheets and organization, Mx Atelier has been creating 100% handmade macramé products since 2018, ranging from wall-hanging pieces to clothing, accessories, and home decor.
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