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Free U.S. Shipping & Returns for Orders Over $100

Martha Cotton Cushion Cover

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Intricately designed with the passion of artisans from the Pantelho community in Chiapas, Mexico, the finely striped brocade Hand-crafted Martha Cotton Cushion Cover brings tradition and the stories of ancient cultures woven in its fabric to your living room.

This stunning product is the result of masterful labor by one of Colorindio’s 250 craftsmen and women who bring various techniques and regional specialties to skillfully weave their traditions, stories, symbology and identity into each piece. The Pantelho brocade Martha cushion will add culture and creativity to your personal spaces while reclaiming the importance of past traditions.

Material: Cotton

Dimensions: 35.56cm x 49.53cm(14" x 19.5")

Weight: 0.144kg (0.31lbs)


In 2009 Pola and Libia set out on a mission to discover and revive the textile traditions of Chiapas, Mexico, a land of endless cultural richness perpetuated through the centuries by generations of master artisans perfecting their weaving techniques. Today, their brand Colorindio works with over 250 craftsmen and women, who skillfully weave their traditions, stories, symbology, and identity into each piece, which is designed by them with Pola’s help and supervision.
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