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by Arte Marakame - Mexico

Nierika Huichol Art Yarn Painting - Tawexika

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This mesmerizing piece of art is made by five Wixaritari -Huichol- artists who create large-format pieces with the ancient technique of “yarn painting”. Through the merging of characters and scenes, we bear witness to the story of traditional Huichol customs, rituals and traditions. These are shared using sacred symbolism that offers a glimpse into their awe inspiring lineage of wisdom held within this Indigenous tribe; giving form and expression to their philosophy and way of life.

In order to create this masterpiece, the artists are challenged to work in pieces up to 6 m2 in surface area, making these the largest works of art in the world using this particular style and technique.

Yarn painting on beewax on wood canvas.

60" x 48" (152cm x 122cm)
15lb (7kg)


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  • Arte Marakame

    Arte Marakame

    Marakame is a brand that proposes a creative way of merging art, design, and culture. They believe that they can make this trilogy of concepts converge through their project of dissemination and marketing of unique pieces of Mexican Art: Wixárika Art (Huichol), Oaxacan Alebrijes and Mata Ortiz Ceramics. Their pieces are made by families from diverse rural communities including the states of Jalisco, Nayarit, Chihuahua, and Oaxaca, Mexico.

    The brand continues to grow from the collective idea of Marcela Abarca and visual artist Fernando Motilla, who were immediately fascinated by the precise and mystical symbolism expressed within the prismatic Huichol bead and yarn work, conceptually translating the universe.

    Both Fernando and Marcela have connected the production of these pieces, collaborating from an unorthodox space, participating in the world of the Huichol artist; the spirituality of art. It is within each of these Huichol pieces, crafted with an unfaltering determination, that contains the symbolic designs of ceremonial practices, giving form and expression to their philosophy and practice of life. By participating in this culture, they have been able to understand and verify that Mexico has a very profound and largely undiscovered cultural wealth. Read more
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