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Órbita Fruit Platter

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Color: Maple Wood

The stunning Órbita Fruit Platter is a beautiful table piece that was created to keep fruit or empty as a table centerpiece. It is delicate and strong at the same time, elemental and complex, traditional and contemporary, a series of dualities, of opposite poles that repel and attract and form an orbit in which the fruit gravitates.

The piece arose from a series of formal exercises that the founder of Estudio Pomelo Agustín Urzúa wanted to transfer to various traditional techniques: stone and wood carving, glass and ceramic modeling, and copper and brass hammering. 

Material: Carved wood, maple wood, tzalam wood 

Dimensions: 14" x 2" (35cm x 3.5cm) 

Weight: 13oz (350g)

Estudio Pomelo

Created by architect Agustín Elizalde Urzúa, Estudio Pomelo has organically developed through the years as a place to experiment with the production of functional, modern-day objects using a variety of ancestral crafts from around Mexico. At Estudio Pomelo designer and artisan work together to innovate traditional techniques and connect their origins to contemporary objects, thus keeping traditional techniques alive and fresh while preserving local identities.
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