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by Coolpebbles - Mexico

Pebbles Soap Gift Set

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The Pebbles Soap gift set includes 3 bars of soap set on a volcanic stone soap dish. The colorful bars are made with activated charcoal to cleanse and smooth both face and body. Each individual bar of soap is scented using natural essential oils and carries different properties: Regenerative Palmarosa, Yilang Ylang and Vanilla, Soothing Rosemary, Mint, and Tea Tree, and deep-cleansing Bergamot and Yilang Ylang.

Soap and volcanic stone

Soap Dish (Diameter): 4.9” (13cm)
Height: 1” (3cm)
Weight: 1lb (0.45kg)



    The set includes:

    1 Volcanic stone soap dish to maintain a very natural and unique look

    3 beautiful pebble-shaped vegan and cruelty free soaps, including:
  • 1 Pink Pebble Soap: Made with palmarosa oil, Yling Ylang and hints of vanilla, it provides antioxidant and antibacterial properties and helps regenerate the skin.

  • 1 Green Pebble Soap: Made with Rosemary, mint, and Tea Tree essential oil. It has the quality of being soothing and moisturizing, perfect for relaxing the skin.

  • 1 Black Pebble Soap: With activated charcoal, Yling Ylang oil, and an essential touch of bergamot, it is perfect for deep cleansing as it absorbs impurities and promotes growth of new skin cells.

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