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Free U.S. Shipping & Returns for Orders Over $100
by Zaavia

Pia Handwoven Waist Bag

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Color: Ecru

The gorgeous Pia Handwoven Waist Bag takes its name from the Indo-European root word "peu" which means to purify, to cleanse, since it's made of wholly natural materials such as vegan leather, which is respectful of the environment.

The waist bag is the smallest in Zaavia's collection and is handwoven by master artisans in Tlapehuala, Guerrero, from natural palm leaf and enriched by a vegan leather strap obtained from catcus fibers.

Diameters: 20cm (7.87")

Weight: 1.5kg (3.30lbs.)


Paloma Romero founded Zaavia to promote sustainable fashion and raise awareness of the waste caused by the traditional textile industry, the second most polluting worldwide. She works with artisans from Guerrero in a fair-trade model, to preserve ancestral techniques while incorporating experimentation and contemporary design.

The result is a collection of environmentally responsible bags and accessories made of palm leaves and vegan leather which transform natural materials into functionally designed pieces of organic art.
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