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Black Friday is Here: Sign Up and get 20% OFF Everything!

Piedra Vase

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Color: Black

Inspired by Ikebana techniques, the Japanese art of flower arrangement, the characterful Marble Piedra Vase will change the mood of any space with ease and color. Made from Black and Santo Tomás marble, the Piedra Vase is reminiscent of a rock or pebble from which flowers naturally sprout.

Its elegant design and organic lines will naturally enrich any space and add a touch of Japanese relaxation to your interiors. A small piece with a lot of character, each item is individually forged by hand by Estudio Pomelo’s best artisans.

Dimensions: ø12cm x 6cm (4.72" x 2.36")

Weight: 1050g (1.05kg.)

Estudio Pomelo

Created by architect Agustín Elizalde Urzúa, Estudio Pomelo has organically developed through the years as a place to experiment with the production of functional, modern-day objects using a variety of ancestral crafts from around Mexico.

At Estudio Pomelo designer and artisan work together to innovate traditional techniques and connect their origins to contemporary objects, thus keeping traditional techniques alive and fresh while preserving local identities.
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