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Free U.S. Shipping & Returns for Orders Over $100

Purple Anni Rug

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The exquisite Purple Anni Rug is unique in its shading, color, shape and texture and will greatly complement your living room, bedroom or entrance hall by adding a touch of Mexican flair, while helping to preserve strong cultural identities and traditions. Designed by Estudio Pomelo's team of interior and industrial designers and woven by master Mexican artisans, the fabrication of these pieces consists of a chain of artisanal processes that provide fairly-compensated job opportunities to several families.

Each rug is woven by hand on a pedal loom by expert rug-makers, using natural colors and materials, meaning that minor variations in design, color and shape are part of the personality of each piece. 

Material: Wool woven on a pedal loom 

Dimensions: 42" x 83" (105cm x 210cm) 

Weight: 6.17lb (2.8kg)

Estudio Pomelo

Created by architect Agustín Elizalde Urzúa, Estudio Pomelo has organically developed through the years as a place to experiment with the production of functional, modern-day objects using a variety of ancestral crafts from around Mexico. At Estudio Pomelo designer and artisan work together to innovate traditional techniques and connect their origins to contemporary objects, thus keeping traditional techniques alive and fresh while preserving local identities.
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