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Free U.S. Shipping & Returns for Orders Over $100

Set of 3 Colonne Scented Candles

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This Set of 3 Colonne Candles is the perfect sophisticated gift for family and friends and is available in 3 different pastel colors and in an all-white set option. Burn them on your bedside table for some relaxation before going to sleep, in your bathroom during a well-deserved bath after a long workday, or simply place them on your coffee table in the living room to add a delicate touch of color and contemporary design.

The Set of 3 Colonne Candles is elegant and eco-friendly, as all candles are hand-poured, 100% vegan and paraffin-free, lightly scented using essential oils, and dyed with natural and sustainably-sourced colors only.

Dimensions: approx. 4.7-5.9" tall (12cm to 15cm), 1.2" (4cm) diameter

Weight: 16oz (0.45kg) 


Chemistry major Adeline Devos studied Raw Materials in Paris and was involved with a number of fashion events. Back in her native Colombia, she researched the toxic effects of paraffin and realized industrial candles are toxin-heavy and greatly damage the environment.  She created Bougie to produce handmade candles to give every customer a moment of elegant peace, with an eye to the environment. Inspired by French “savoir-faire”, all candles are unique in their pastel hues, natural fragrances, and contemporary designs.
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