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Tamegroute Round Vase With Ears

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The Tamegroute Round Vase with Ears is an elegant ceramic vase featuring two ear-like handles from Tamegroute, a desert region of Morocco. Ideal for dried flower compositions, to dress up a shelf in your study, or as a stunning centrepiece on a low coffee table in your living room, this emerald green piece is one-of-a-kind. The vase is handcrafted according to the Tamegroute traditional way of working clay, which dates back to over a thousand years ago, and employs clay from the nearby river bed.

Because of its handcrafted nature and the firing process the clay goes through, each piece is absolutely unique.

Dimensions: 11.81" (30cm) height, 5.11" (13cm) diameter

Weight: 11.02lbs (5kg)